Behind The Scenes: Cathy Cathi Cathe!

Meet Cathy! She is our Office Manager guru. Without her we wouldn't get paid, the coffee wouldn't get made (we really love our coffee around here) and our sporadic office dance-a-thons would be more far and few between. We decided to take a walk around the Dogpatch and talk about her role at Rickshaw. 

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San Francisco Zoo Trip

Who says work isn't fun? We recently got the opportunity to make custom bags for the San Francisco Zoo. Of course we gladly (okay, we were really excited) offered to deliver them! 

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Behind The Scenes: The Embellishment Wizard

Meet Brennan! If you've ever had the pleasure of taking a tour of our factory, he is the friendly, bearded face you may have met.  Aside from the dozens of requests from (ahem) shorter folks needing help fetching things off shelves, Brennan holds down the entire digital printing and embroidery department. It may have taken some coercing, but we got the scoop on his his day-to-day! 

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Doughbies: The Largest Local Bakery in the World

Freshly baked cookies-- the warm, melt-in-your-mouth treat that can bring you back to childhood in an instant. That’s exactly the feeling Daniel Conway, co-founder of Doughbies, wanted to emulate in his business. For this installment of our ongoing series about inspirational makers and doers, we teamed up with Doughbies to find out what motivates them, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the magic in the making! This on-demand delivery service drops handmade cookies to offices, houses, or any place imaginable in San Francisco in under twenty minutes.

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Dogpatch Microhood Event

This year, we teamed up with The Bold Italic for their annual Dogpatch Microhood event. We also had the pleasure of collaborating with 3 Fish Studios on a  small collection of California inspired totes for the night. Check it out!: 

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Behind The Scenes: Production Artist Aficionado


Meet Crystal, our veteran production artist aficionado! When she's not being hilarious, DJing, or biking the city, you can find her at her desk diligently mocking up designs and working with the sales team, customers and outside vendors. Sounds stressful, right? You would never know it from watching her! Luckily we were able to catch her with some downtime to get the low down on her day-to-day.
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Sutton Cellars: A Dogpatch Gem


Hello, hello and happy belated holidays! For 2015, we're focusing in on local creators/makers/doers that inspire us here at Rickshaw. Meet Carl Sutton of Sutton Cellars, the Dogpatch neighborhood's very own hidden gem! Carl kindly let us in on some behind the scenes action of his sunshine soaked space at the end of 22nd Street here in San Francisco. 

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Who Cares Where Rickshaw Bagworks Products Are Made?

I do, but maybe not for the reasons you think. I discuss our passion for making what we sell at Rickshaw Bagworks in my latest column for Inc. Magazine. You can read it on-line here, or in the November print edition. You can see my previous four articles for Inc. here.

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Behind The Scenes: Product Designer Extraordinaire

Meet Jessica, our in-house one-woman product-design dream team! With both her interests in design and cycling she's proving to be a great new addition to the Rickshaw Team. Between designing and perfecting a new backpack (keep your eyes peeled!), going on bike adventures through the Marin Headlands and visiting Las Vegas for the Interbike convention, she was able to sit down and let us in on some fun facts. 


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Five Essential Things To Know About “Bagvertising”

Mobile advertising has been around a lot longer than smart phones. Retailers have used their customers as mobile billboards for decades, by printing branding messages on their shopping bags. Some shopping bags even become status symbols themselves, rivalling the most popular fashion brands. Bloomingdale’s iconic “Brown Bag” and Tiffany’s trademark blue bag are great examples. Shopping bags from luxury brands like Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton have always carried special prestige.

Recent bans on disposable shopping bags have resulted in even more attention from retailers. The reusable shopping bag now has the potential to be used as an everyday, all-purpose carry-all. Witness the popularity of Whole Foods two-dollar grocery totes, and Lululemon’s little red “manifesto” totes, which are commonly used as second purses. The fact is, people have stuff to carry, they need bags, and there’s intense competition among “bagvertisers” to get all of us to carry their branded bags.

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