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Form, Function and Footprint

The “3-F’s” of Product Design for the New Age of Sustainability

Design has become an essential component of most serious product development efforts. The notion that “Good Design is Good Business” is widely accepted and practiced today (though there are many notable exceptions). Technology has helped meld aesthetic design with functional engineering, and made the translation to physical products much more graceful, efficient and cost effective. It’s hard to imagine there was considerable debate about “form versus function” when I was graduating from college in the early ‘80’s – a time when “design” was often dismissed as a frivolous expense and “industrial designers” were largely regarded as “stylists” – disdained by engineers and dismissed by senior executives. Today “and” has replaced “versus”, as Form and Function have become the strategic twins of modern product development.

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Can you live out of a Messenger Bag?

Frank Hatfield goes about his daily routine with a collection of plastic bags allocated to the various belongings he carries with him.

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6 essential steps for effective swag. It's all about the design.

Welcome to the Rickshaw Corporate Artwork Cheat Sheet. Here we outline your options for artwork and and the process for creating your custom gear. We're always available to chat with you over the phone or email about the specific process -- so don't hesitate to reach out. However if you have any questions about the the overall process or setting up your artwork you can find the answers here. You'll also notice some useful links for getting inspiration, setting up artwork properly and streamlining the production of your Rickshaw gear. We look forward to working with you!

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Holiday shipping dates for 2013

Need it in time for the holidays? Here's our handy guide to cut off dates. Remember since everyone is made-to-order we need enough time to make the product and ship it out! These are the cut-off dates for orders with products that are made-to-order in San Francisco:

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The new Commuter 2.1 Sleeker. Simpler. More productive.


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LIGHTS, CAMERA, BAGS! Disposable Film Festival 2013

It's show time at the Castro! The 2013 Disposable Film Festival kicks off its world tour March 21st at the famous Castro Theater in San Francisco. Rickshaw is proud to sponsor DFF once again, and we've created another gorgeous limited edition graphic messenger bag and iPad sleeve to commemorate this year's festival.

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One great idea begets another.

Rickshaw and Halo trip the light fantastic! One great idea begets another. As you may or may not know, Rickshaw is collaborating with another San Francisco-based start-up on a cool Kickstarter project called the Halo Zero LED Messenger Bag. The project is now live on Kickstarter, and funding is progressing nicely. The purpose of this post is twofold: (1) to encourage you and your friends to back our project, and (2) to tell you the story of how this project came to be, and why this may be the most exciting time in history to be an entrepreneur.

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Red, White and Blue is the New Green

When I started Rickshaw, I was focused primarily on environmental sustainability—zero waste, PVC-free, Cradle-To-Cradle—in a word, "green".

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Technicolor: From the runway to the Rickshaw

Two weeks ago the runways of Milan were ablaze with vibrant colors and bold patterns as the designers at fashion houses such as Jill Sanders and Prada presented their latest creations.

Here at Rickshaw we can keep you on the leading edge of the latest fashion trends with our huge selection of colors and patterns.

Drop on by and create your own unique fashion statement with one of our custom messenger bags. Made fresh daily, right here in San Francisco.


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Greetings from Oxford, England.

Tuesday, 7/12/10
I took the train from London to Oxford this morning. Fast, smooth and quiet, quite unlike BART and CalTrain back in my home town. The trip is just 60 minutes, with a few stops, and costs between £19 and £24 ($30-$36), one-way, depending upon time of day.

Tomorrow is the first official day of TEDtalks, but registration starts today, and we enjoy a program of short presentations called "TED University" starting this afternoon at 4pm. Yours truly presented at TEDU in Monterey three years ago. My presentation was "Bottles to Bags: How your discarded beverage bottles became your TED bag". That was TED 2008, where we launched our first Rickshaw product, the Commuter bag, featuring Steelcase/Designtex fabric made from 100-percent recycled polyester from post-consumer beverage bottles.

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