Can you live out of a Messenger Bag?

Posted Feb 11, 2014 11:03:00 AM

Frank Hatfield goes about his daily routine with a collection of plastic bags allocated to the various belongings he carries with him.

"Life is in a bag. Whatever you have, you put it in a bag." According to the article, the 88-year-old's travel light, life-in-a-bag existence has it's roots in his Navy experience 60 years ago. "When I was in the Navy, everything I had was in a seabag. Within 10-minutes of notice I could clean my locker, throw it in the bag and I'm off to another adventure," he told the reporter.

As we say here at Rickshaw, "Every bag tells a story," and I'm sure Frank's old seabag has some doozies to share. What do you put in your Messenger Bag? What if you had to put your life in it what would you choose?

Read the original article, in the San Francisco Chronicle "The Man with his Life in a Bag"

File in names for bags: "The Hatfield" Adventure Duffle Bag.

I've lived out of a bag for a few week's here and there too.