Commuter 2.1 coming soon

Posted Aug 23, 2013 2:29:33 PM

Update October 22: We just launched the commuter 2.1 on our site! Check out our new post detailing the features, and customize your own Commuter Laptop Bag!
So you love our Commuter 2.0 laptop bag? We love to hear that. It's one of our most popular bags. It's also one of the few items we create using a "chassis" system of parts we assemble, so unlike our fabric-only products it sells out!
We're already working on a new slightly updated version, The Commuter 2.1, which will feature an updated laptop sleeve, stealthy new dark grey color, and new velcro-shut side pocket. Overall it has a cleaner, sleeker look. We think you'll love the updates to our most loved laptop bag!
-Cheers! Team Rickshaw