introducing the new duo pannier

Posted May 28, 2014 10:03:00 AM

After thousands of miles of testing, Rickshaw Bagworks is finally launching their long-awaited bicycle panniers. Rickshaw's new Duo Pannier is a double-sided design that mounts over the top of a standard rear cargo rack. "Our friends have been asking us for panniers ever since we started the company seven years ago," says Rickshaw founder and bag designer, Mark Dwight. "Our design is intended for everyday urban commuting, but I've put it to the test on my last three 500-mile rides from SF to LA, and it has worked perfectly for my style of credit-card touring."


The design is inspired by everyday Dutch panniers, with a thorough functional overhaul by the in-house design team at Rickshaw. The team chose the dual bag design because the dirty wheel-facing sides of the bags collapse on one another and protect the user from road grime when removed—an important consideration if you're commuting in your office clothes. Rickshaw's unique "soft-attach system" does away with metal hooks and bungie cords, and uses just five strategically-placed Velcro tabs to secure the bag to the rack. The center yoke between the two bags features a carrying handle and a removable shoulder strap for off-the-bike portability. The flap closure on each side is secured with plastic clips, eliminating Velcro patches on the flap and bag that can damage lycra cycling, yoga outfits and knit sweaters. The top of each bag features a drawstring closure beneath the flap that fully encloses the payload. Several strategically-placed heavy-duty metal snaps provide a clever system for securing the strap ends so they don't flap in the wind and get anywhere near your spokes. Each bag can be neatly folded flat on the bike, and secured with the same metal snaps when empty.

The bags are generously sized to fit Rickshaw's popular line of reusable canvas grocery totes, which is especially convenient for transferring two full bags of groceries to and from your panniers. The exterior of the bags features rugged Made In USA Cordura-brand nylon canvas, and each bag is fully-lined with lighter-weight nylon material. An interior plastic frame reinforcemnt supports the payload, and allows the bags to stand-up straight when placed on the floor so you can easily work right out of the bag at your desk. Webbing loops are provided for attachment of rear safety flashers on both sides.

The Duo Pannier is made from scratch in Rickshaw's own factory in San Francisco and is available in a variety of color options. Like all Rickshaw bags, the color scheme can be customized on request. The Duo is priced starting at $249.

To commemorate the Duo launch, on June 5th, Mark will embark on his fifth annual SF-to-LA bicycle ride to raise money for the San Francisco homeless youth outreach program, At The Crossroads. Check out this video to learn more about Mark's At The Crossroads campaign and get a peek at the new Duo Panniers on his bicycle.