Rickshaw Announces partnership with Zazzle

Posted Nov 18, 2011 4:29:31 PM

On November 17th, we announced our partnership with Zazzle at the 2011 World Conference on Mass Customization, Personalization and Co-Creation (MCPC2011). Zazzle announced the addition of three new partners to its nascent third-party producer ecosystem: Laudi Vidni ("individual" spelled backwards), the Chicago-based designer-manufacturer of custom women's handbags; American Mojo, the Boston-based social enterprise employing women with dependent children in the manufacture of apparel and home furnishings; and yours truly, Rickshaw Bagworks, the San Francisco-based designer-manufacturer of custom messenger bags and accessories.

[youtube width="560" height="315"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNdzGzlcwy4[/youtube]


Zazzle founders Jeff and Bobby Beaver mc'd a presentation of their vision for Zazzle, the future of mass customization, and the growth potential for local manufacturing. By empowering designers, entrepreneurs and producers to create and deliver a growing portfolio of custom products, they announced their intention to create one million jobs in the next 10 years. This partnership represents a tremendous opportunity for our fledgling company, a wonderful vote of confidence for our own build-to-order business model, and should result in substantial job growth in our San Francisco factory. Zazzle is an amazing company, and we're thrilled and honored to be working with them. Our first Zazzle-Rickshaw products will launch within weeks, in the meantime check out the amazing customizations available now on www.zazzle.com

Mark Dwight

Rickshaw Bagworks Founder & CEO