The Importance of Buying Locally when Holiday Shopping for gifts!

Posted Nov 27, 2013 1:03:28 PM

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Whether you’re shopping for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or just to spread some holiday cheer, gift-giving is on everyone’s mind and already the streets are packed with shoppers. You’re probably looking to check off your shopping list with some amazing deals, but before you map out a plan of attack for the mall on Black Friday and on the weekends throughout December think about the products in your own backyard. Local urban crafters offer an array of special gift giving ideas and many of these gifts are one-of-a-kind. Not only are local gifts one-of-a-kind, but they also come with a story and are effortlessly thoughtful. Sounds like a win-win right? Here’s why:

Local Businesses Rely on Local Dollars to Support Community Growth

Wondering how you can give back this holiday season? By purchasing your gifts from locally owned shops, you’ll be supporting the community and building it at the same time. Small companies re-invest the money they make into the community and local activities and causes. This builds strong communities and improves the local economy. Gift giving should make you feel good and by buying locally you can feel doubly-good about your purchases!

Shopping Locally Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

There are many campaigns aimed at teaching people how to reduce their carbon footprint. However, many of their aims focused on recycling and reducing electricity and gas usage; and not necessarily on making shorter commutes. By gift shopping locally you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint in two ways:

  • Making a shorter commute - By shopping locally, you don’t have to use a car to travel. You can either walk, cycle or use public transportation to check out your neighborhood finds.
  • Purchasing from a company that doesn’t have to deliver - Purchasing locally means that you don’t have to pay for or utilize shipping companies. Local businesses that create their own goods often do so within the same space. This means you’ll be supporting a business that supports a greener lifestyle.

Our founder, Mark Dwight, was recently asked how manufacturers could best reduce their carbon footprint saying, “The best way for many manufacturers to shrink their environmental footprint is to focus on reducing the amount of transportation required to obtain parts and materials.” Try and make an extra effort in your gift shopping this year to support those who make an extra effort year-round to have a greener business and less environmental impact.

Local Businesses Offer Unique Gift Selections

Purchasing a gift for your friends or loved ones should be a joyous occasion, but we know sometimes it can also be a stress. Finding a gift that someone is sure to like may not be so hard, but finding one that actually means something is a bit more difficult. Inc magazine suggests purchasing in-house manufactured gifts to reduce your carbon footprint and localize some great finds.

By shopping locally you won’t end up gifting the same product, someone already has and you’ll probably find something extremely unique, especially during the holidays. By shopping locally, you’re likely to uncover unique handcrafted goods that aren’t mass-produced. Our products for example are made-to-order and customizable so there are 1000’s of color combinations to choose from.

Locally bought gifts are also extremely thoughtful and give you an opportunity to showcase your neighborhood or city’s special finds to your friends and relatives. Your local shops are guaranteed to carry a variety of unique finds, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect gifts for those you care about. Whether you’re shopping for your boss, family, friends, or pets, make an effort to check out your local shops to find what you’re looking for.

Setting a Good Example

Showing your family, and friends that you care about your local community is a perfect, neutral conversation starter during the holidays and a great way to subtly show off your community values too.

Gift giving should be fun. Make this year the year that you become a bit more eco-friendly by shopping locally. See what your neighborhood urban crafter has to offer; you may be surprised to see what you discover. Plus, these gifts always have a story behind them making the gift-giving experience that much sweeter.

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